Network infrastructure is the foundation upon which ANC was founded and remains a core competency. ANC certified engineers have designed and installed enterprise networks for commercial clients as well as State and Federal government agencies including mission-critical organizations such as the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer and DC Public Schools.


ANC assessment services provide our customers with a thorough analysis of your network’s performance; its strengths and weaknesses, and obstacles to achieving optimal performance. Our comprehensive assessment service delivers a complete overview of operational, tactical, and strategic reviews of your current network environment so that you’re able to make a fully informed decision regarding changes that are needed to achieve the most advantageous design.


ANC engineers will design a solution that aligns your business goals with a network that is scalable, available, and secure. ANC network designs provide for optimal daily operations and flexibility to accommodate business growth. Our technologists also use forward-thinking plan to incorporate a high level of integrity so that data is flowing securely and consistently.


ANC engineers implement solutions that are proven, tested and reliable. Before deployment, our engineers thoroughly verify and test designs to ensure that it meets all of the objectives established in the design phase. The result of a network implemented by ANC is a solution that is worthy of your trust.