The state’s Medicaid agency for the District of Columbia has a mission to improve health outcomes by providing access to comprehensive, cost-effective and quality healthcare services for residents of the District of Columbia. At the start of this Proof of Concept (POC) DCAS Phase 2 was underway. The Medicaid agency needed to cut costs, maximize its Oracle investment, and create environments for its development and test teams to rapidly fix, test and deploy code. The on-premises model, of a third-party hosting almost 1,000 virtual servers, was becoming a road block to achieving its goals of completing the DCAS system by the end of 2019. As a result, the agency initiated a pilot to use the Oracle cloud to modernize the on-premises infrastructure, services and platform that support the DCAS system.

One goal of the POC was to create an automated system to allow an average level technician to deploy, expand and tear down an entire end-to-end eligibility system in the cloud within hours instead of months. The functionality of this system needs to allow a tester to create an account, determine eligibility with test data, simulate sending out notifications to appropriate parties and simulate third party data hub verifications – various federal, state and local hubs.

ANC and their partner successfully accomplished their goals by deploying Oracle Cloud Services and delivered a multitude of benefits. Additionally, the customer estimates that the timeline for completion of DCAS Phase 2 and Phase 3 on the Oracle cloud can be compressed by an estimated 40-60% providing even more substantial cost savings over the life of the project.

State and Local Government

Creation of Master Data Management

Establishment of an enterprise data management environment – including master data management, meta data management, connectivity to an enterprise data warehouse, and development of an analytics framework.

Design and Develop Cloud Implementation

Establishment of a cloud and on-premise environment that enables enterprise integration and application connectivity between business systems, office systems, and the enterprise data management architecture.

Federal Government