Information Management

Master Data Management

Defining and managing the critical data of an organization to provide data integration, with a single point of reference vital to a Digital Transformation (DT) effort. Having this data and metadata (definitions, and constraints) is the foundation that successful DT implementations rely on. There are several components of management that ANC helps clients with.

  1. Data Governance
  2. Data Quality Management
  3. Meta Data Management
  4. Enterprise Data Warehouse Management
  5. Business Intelligence Management

Data Integration

Understanding the relationships between disparate data sources is essential for data analytics. The ANC team has a dedicated focus on data integration; experience working with a variety of data formats and integration approaches; and the ability to align technical innovation and business processes with business needs. Our team will help you implement the right data integration technology based on your unique criteria.

Data Analytics

Data analytics allows organizations to harness volumes of data, gain deeper insights, and make data-informed decisions. The data analytics product marketplace is rapidly changing and determining the best solution to meet your unique business objectives can be a daunting task. ANC is product-agnostic; we will provide an unbiased perspective to help you identify the optimal solution mix. We can assist you in addressing your current and anticipated data volume, managing a variety of data types, and selecting the best tools and processes to produce true value from your data.

Analytics Services

  1. Strategy
  2. Assessment
  3. Architecture
  4. Development
  5. Quality
  6. Migration
  7. Management

Business Intelligence

We combine industry-proven, cutting-edge analytic techniques with the modern technology stack to help you optimize data assets, improve operations, and most importantly, mine your data to make evidence-based decisions. From dynamic visualizations to machine learning using complex big data, ANC has the answers your organization needs to transform your information into powerful insights that drive growth and reduce risk.